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The Game “Sunboi”,  is a small farming/adventure game where you play as a sheep, which is planting and harvesting flowers, to buy a spaceship and get away from its current situation. 

The danger is that during night wolves come out of the woods to steal your money. During the day you need to work efficient to make progress. But watch out and don’t be outside to late. 

WASD - move, 
SPACE - dash, 
MOUSE - farm

Participants are: Graphics: Lukas, Jornupto, Martin, Programming: Martin, Lukas, Sounddesign: Arthur, Leonhard, Music: Leonhard, Gametesting: David, Finn, Max, Senan.


Sunboi 1.1 (new) 27 MB
Sunboi 1.0 (old) 18 MB


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Hello team which have created this great game :)

I'm here again after your update with my letsplays of your game :)

Warning - russian language.

Simple full walkthrough:

And kind of speedrun (red flowers abuse :) ):

I like that you have changed font, it becomes more readable, even tho i don't think that it's still readable enough. You have implemented interesting flower economy system, i appreciate smaller numbers but on the other hand it's kind of confusing at first, especially with pink/purple color which is also too close to red. I found it strange, that you lose half of money and all seeds except red ones after successful day. Also it's strange to have hidden mechanic when i get certain amount of all seeds if i have more than 14 red seeds if i caught it correctly. Can you explain it for me? Or this is a secret intentionally?

Other than that i like how you changed level design, so it's more convincing to explore whole level and it makes system which considers risk and give reward according to it. Cool that you have polished other aspects for example menu, day screen and etc. And ending ofc is cute :)

Hope to see more updates on the game! I will try to catch any major update

Unfortunately, in videos above i was playing on version which you had here about 3-4 days ago and not current one, can you tell me what's the difference? At a glance i didn't see big changes but mb i'm missing something

Thanks for your feedback! 

I'm very glad that you've tested the update. (Still gotta watch that video today.) You're totally right about the font and the price colours, we gotta change them. The issue with the seeds is probably a bug, but I don't know where it comes from. The mechanic with your money and seeds being cut in half every night is intentional to make the players work hard, stay up at night and to force them to play the game the way we intended.(A friend of ours always bought like 10 flowers a day, went home as soon as the night had begun, most important of all, he didn't meet any wolves and said that the game was boring. We wanted to prevent players from playing in that way by punishing them if they do so) But I don't know if that's the right way to do it. If you have any suggestions, we'd be very happy to hear them. 

Also, you lose half of every flower, also red but you always get 10 red flowers right after that. 

Thanks for your constant support an feedback on the game , it's very constructive :D. The newest update just added a small pause screen if you click escape and some coin pickups if you harvest the flowers. So now you don't instantly get the money, but you have to collect it from the ground. 

We will probably still fix some small bugs and tweak some things but after that  we also wanted to leave the game maker version of this game be and try building it in unity (cuz Unity has better systems for porting games, making classes, shaders etc.) but that's probably gonna take a long time and I'm not sure, when we will even start with that.


This game is beatifully designed and has it's own artstyle. I like the topic and the animations and the day night system. The game gets harder and harder the more plants u have to plant to get more money.